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Simply fill in your property details below to get an instant sales valuation. Please note that the figures shown are rough estimations, and should not be relied upon for any important decisions.

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Don't just take our word for it.

It was easy to find what you needed

Tracy Mathioudakis

Excellent service, very helpful and would recommend

Anne Scorah

Nice people that run it, never had a problem.

Steven Slater

I have recently purchased a property through Regal Estate Agents. All the staff were very helpful and responsive. Mildred dealt a lot with my purchase and I couldn't thank her enough for her support. I would highly recommend Regal Estate Agents to anybody and I will definitely use them again in future.

Jack Thomas

Very nice agent very helpful people and very friendly.

Lena Ugo

Very helpful John was a star thanks

yolande malemo

Very helpful great service would recommend to anyone and we have

Shirley Winstanley

Dealt with a sale for our family that became quite complex. All staff dealt with any queries promptly and efficiently. Lisa and Mildred were stars and we will not hesitate in recommending their services to anybody.

Brian Southworth

I have nothing but good things to say about regal they have been a life saver for myself and my family offered good advice I've just received my bonding certificate which my previous landlady didn't even bother to do and now settling in to our new rental thanks regal much respect from the rigbys

Wayne Rigby, Wigan